Congratulations on your special day and finding your perfect mate. Also finding the right photographer will make your special day a memorable day. I thought I would share a list of questions that I would ask any photographer. The answers may help your search in finding a good match to tell your story. Catch up on the latest photography news from Dave Hunsche Photography via my blog. Call or text me 314-502-2332

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1. How would you describe your style of photography?

I combine a mixture of traditional, photo-journalistic, and formal poses to provide a complete mix of memorable images. Contemporary Wedding photography has seen the rise of Photojournalistic style of photography where as traditional wedding photography relies more on pictures that are classically posed for. The difference is in being candid and using unconscious posing for a picture. I believe in using both styles I call St Louis style.

2. Will you be the one photographing my wedding?

Yes always, I may use a second shooter but I will be the primary, or lead.

3. Are you insured?.

Yes I have a substantial investment in gear, so I take no chances.

4. How long have you been photographing weddings?

Photographers are not born fully formed. They start out as unskilled wannabes. I started shooting some 30 years ago. I have been shooting weddings among other types of photography professionally for over 12 years. If you’re going to market yourself as a professional, you’ve got to know your gear up, down and side to side. 10 years ago I apprenticed for three years before I shot my first wedding. So over 100 weddings until I was ready for my first. I taught photography classes, attend seminars, and have gone to the WPPI convention. Your wedding day is in good hands.

5. Can I see a contract?

Yes I always use a contract it's standard practice. Ultimately, there are three things that make getting a contract absolutely crucial:

Confirm services for your wedding date

Lock in the price of the service

Ensures what (and who) you're getting on your wedding day

6. What gear are you shooting, (back up)?

I could go into technical jargon here, I shoot full frame cameras with complete set of back-up everything. My gear exceeds $40,000 and is insured and current. If you would like the specifics I would love to expand.

7. Are you willing to follow a shot list?

I personally don't use one, after so many years of shooting I have the shot list down. However, I like to go over the shot list with you (verbal or in writing). I certainly welcome all shots, list, and ideas. It's your day after all let's get some shots.