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Creative Weekly is a unique community that unites, informs, and supports creative types, educators, and enthusiast everywhere. It is a weekly (every Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm) free event for all local creative types: Photographers, Models, Hair, MUA, fashion designers, etc. The main purpose of this event is to network with each other, learn, collaborate, help each other to create great shots and just hang out. Located downtown St.Louis, right on Washington Ave., it`s a great place to meet more creative types to collaborate with.

Forgot my Camera

I was walking to the post office on Market street Saturday when much to my surprise I found myself in the middle of a Parade. Tons of happy people cheering and much appreciation could be seen and heard up and down Market street for the St. Louis Veterans Day observance. It was nice to see so many upbeat folks in such tough times.

Forest Park Jewel Box

I will be shooting a wedding in Forest Park Jewel Box St Louis Missouri. The wedding of Dennis and Eileen will take place right inside the Jewel Box.

The Jewel Box is an art deco conservatory with cantilevered vertical glass walls rising majestically 50 feet high. It is located on seventeen acres in beautiful Forest Park and is listed on the National Historic Register.

Make the most of your color

When choosing your flowers for your special day consider the color.

White or light colored flowers are very beautiful and quite soft. White is symbolic of Pure, and innocent, making it symbolic choice for a bride to wear at her nuptials. The color white, however, is a recent tradition.

Serving the St Louis Missouri area

It's important to me that all of my images be what you want and the service I provide to each of my clients be exceptional. Dave Hunsche Photography is located in St Louis Missouri, and my studio provides personalized photography services in the St. Louis Area, and all your photography needs in the metro are. 

Photography a must

This is a good way to preserve memories in the highest quality possible. It is also eye-opening to look back and see how much you have changed from year to year.

I believe you should prepare for weddings. Perhaps no day in a lifetime is as important to a woman as her wedding day. And if you’re the husband-to-be, you will learn with each passing year just how important that day was to you as well. It is my specialty to capture you and your spouse at your most handsome or beautiful.

Eric and Michelle

I just finished the post production on Eric and Michelle’s wedding/reception. What a fabulous couple, and what a beautiful reception location.

My goal was to tell the entire story of their wedding day through my photographs. The combination of beautiful, naturally-posed formals, and storytelling photojournalistic candids, combined with fun whimsical shots, captured everything that was special about this wedding.

What I have learned over the years

In order to make the outstanding types of pictures no one else can, you have to do outstanding types of things no one else will do.

At Dave Hunsche wedding photography you will get the best 

Get what you want

Let every detail of your wedding shout “you”. Make it your own, browse wedding photographs to see how others do it, and to see how their ideas meet yours.
Have your photographer look at pictures you like of yourself and tell him what you like.
Get what you want and the details too..... 

Don't forget to have Dave Hunsche shoot your special day in the St Louis Metro are 

Interesting wedding group

I thought this was interesting, a group wedding you don't see this every day.

A total of 154 Israeli and Russian couples tied the knot en masse in Larnaca in a civil ceremony yesterday, in an event that may enter the World Guinness Book of Records.

The island is a popular spot for Israelis to wed in civil ceremonies which are not permitted in Israel.

However, the numbers of couples were somewhat lower than the originally planned 170 which would definitely have secured the world record.

I would like to shoot that wedding 

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