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Planning Ahead for that Special Day

Wedding plans can be stressful. Incorporating assistance from family and friends can help reduce the stress and turn this into an enjoyable time. After creating your wedding checklist, split the list in half between the bride and groom, OK maybe 30% to the groom.The bride may have more experience in choosing a caterer while the groom may prefer to find a DJ for the reception.

St Louis Wedding Date

Are you planning a wedding in 2012 and trying to pinpoint the date? Getting married on a Sunday may offer more availability and often costs less than a Saturday wedding. Choosing a weekend with a Monday holiday can accommodate guests commuting to and from the wedding. Two potential weekends in 2012 include Memorial Day (May 28) and Labor Day (September 3). Making your wedding plans early (including the selection of a St Louis area wedding photographer) will assist you in attaining the wedding of your dreams.

Popping the Question

Looking into popping the question? Want some advice? Well let me give you some.Google it. That’s right, Google it will result several hundred pages. When I decided to write this blog I wanted to do my research so I started with Google and I was floored on all the volumes of advice and ideas. So what can I add to the already massive directory? Pretty much nothing, unless you need advice on places in the St Louis market. Then I have a few ideas, but the bottom line is you need to make it work for your situation.

Merry Christmas

As I shut down dave hunsche photography for Christmas, I want to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May the joy of the season be with your family, your friends, and most of all, with you. Whether you spend it with others or on your own, the holiday lasts for only a very short period of time each year, so savor it; or if you dread it, don't worry it’ll be over before you know it! So eat drink and get married, oops was that a slip?

So from dave hunsche photography in St Louis, to yours, Peace.

My Style of Photography

I am often asked by brides to describe my style. This can be for any photographer very daunting to add all their work down to a few sentences without sounding like a geek.


Engaged? Congratulations! You've set the wedding date. But the idea of planning such a huge event seems overwhelming.

1) First things first…

Determine the budget, size of the event, location, month, day, and time of day.

2) Budget advice…

If your budget allows, hiring a wedding planner is a great idea. They know the local vendors, can negotiate costs, and will manage the day alleviating stress.

3) Who pays for what?

Farmer's Almanac

I've compared the long range forecasts of the Farmers Almanac, local stations, the news, and weather Channel over the past several years and the Farmers Almanac has come closer to getting it right than any of the others the majority of the time.

I can remember my grandfather using the almanac to plant his award winning garden and it never failed.

So my advice to you brides is to just take a look at the Farmers Almanac on your projected wedding day in the St Louis market. Use this as one of your sources for making your special day even better.

Winter Wedding Dress

If you’re planning a wedding ceremony in the winter months an array of winter wedding gowns could be available, at a high cost. Most wedding gowns are bustier, sleeveless as well as backless, but that is no selection for a bride who’d prefer to take photos outdoors in the winter months, remember you want to stay in budget so look for systems, coats,shaws, or mitts to focus on the gown or even help you stay warm practically. You may also prepare opaque tights, or nylons just in case of freezing weather.

Why Not,

I must be quick to insist on wedding celebrations, as these are times that are brief and full of emotion.These times of intense emotion of togetherness are  to brief and infrequent.Family members and friends gathered to celebrate your day, as the two of you say to each other that it was soapparent in this moment we were completely meant to be together.Celebrating these moments is incredibly important. Life is such a struggle on every level foreveryone, I say why not.Throw a celebration on any scale, and share your love with your family and friends life is too precious to hold back.

Birdcage or long veil?

While shooting numerous weddings lately I couldn't help but notice that some brides wore shorter veils or birdcage veils with a side comb style fascinator instead of long veils. Another trend that I noticed is that some of the brides prefer to be a 2 veil kind of bride by switching to a birdcage after the ceremony for photos and for the reception.

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